What is IRC?

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is simply a chat system which enables a user to participate in live discussions in the Internet. It is similar to instant messaging (IM’s) but with a broader sense since IRC doesn’t limit or restrict the number of participants who can join the conversation in a chat room or otherwise called “channels“. Anyone can practically join multiple public channels and chat with people who simultaneously joined the same channel they’re on.

IRC is mainly designed for group discussions but it also allows one on one direct messaging called “private messages” as well as data transfers and file sharing. To join an IRC discussion, you must be connected to the Internet and use an IRC client.

An IRC client is a program which enables you to send and receive messages to and from IRC servers. You can either install an IRC client on your computer or use a browser-based client like the one we have in this website. Remember, if you want to chat with your friend, you two must be connected to the same IRC server and join the same channel. You can also send him/her a private message if you know his/her exact nickname or “nick”.

#Makati DALnet is a channel in one of the many IRC servers out there. #Makati being our channel name (channels always start with a # sign) and DALnet is the IRC server we’re on. If you already have an IRC client installed, feel free to chat with us on irc.dal.net and join #Makati.

Article: What is IRC?
Author: Acronix
Date: September 1, 2015