The History of IRC

By John Thomas

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was invented in 1988. The colleges rapidly caught on and the word spread. Two of the oldest and largest IRC networks are DALnet and EFnet and are still operating today. They are networks of hundreds of servers all working together, with thousands of chat rooms and people.

Until recently, linking into IRC chat from a webpage was difficult. The software was rough and no one really put the time into it. Advances have been made, and now we can bring the world of IRC chat and webcams directly to you from web pages.

You can find on-line chat groups where you can chat and see and streaming cams. Also, most users have chosen to use a webcam to enhance their cam chat experience, a webcam is not necessary to enjoy the chat or see the webcams on most sites. Some will even allow you to add your webcam. It’s all free if you find the right sites.

No matter if you are new to chat and webcams, or an experienced IRC user, you can find a place. Nearly all discussion subjects are welcome in most webcams chat.

A lot of the users have ICQ, AIM and/or Yahoo Messenger installed to complement the live camchat. They may even have live video and voice webcam chat.

Be sure that both java script and java are enabled in your browser for the java chat most sites use. With IE and Netscape this is already on by default unless you have turned it off. If you are using a popup blocker, make sure it is turned off. You may also chat with a stand alone IRC Client, such as mIRC or pIRCh.

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Article: The History of IRC
Author: John Thomas
Published: September 5, 2015