Chat Room Etiquette

Just like interacting with people in real life, there are certain guidelines that we must observe when chatting online. These guidelines are sometimes called “netiquette” or Internet etiquette which promotes good online behavior and common courtesies that helps maintain order in a chat room. If you’re relatively new to chatting, the following guidelines will help you in dealing with people online.

1. Do not give out any personal information.
For your security, never give out any personal information such as your street address, phone number, etc., to strangers. Let your private information remain private. You wouldn’t know the real intentions of people you chat with online.

2. Do not open links or attachments that came from unsolicited messages.
Most viruses are spread through chat messages or emails. Never open any link or attachment unless you trust the sender and he/she explicitly tells you to do so. Be careful not to click web links if you do not know the sender.

3. Do not type in all CAPITAL LETTERS!
Typing in all caps (or upper case) is considered yelling and many people find it annoying. This may also lead you to being kicked or banned in most chat rooms. Make sure your caps lock key is turned off.

4. Observe chat room and server rules.
Majority of our chat rooms have rules of their own. Make sure to read the topic before engaging into a conversation. Some chatrooms require that you only use the english language, otherwise you will risk being kicked/banned.

5. Don’t flood the chat room with repeated texts, questions, or links.
Text repeats or “flooding” is really annoying and will likely get you kicked or banned. Once is enough. There is no reason to repeat your message since everyone will be able to read it the first time.

6. Avoid using colors unless absolutely necessary.
Wrong combination of colors can be hard on the eyes. Other users might have a different background than yours and changing your text color might render your text unreadable for them.

7. If you want to PM (Private Message) someone, ask first.
Most people won’t entertain unsolicited private messages. Others may feel like you are invading their privacy and might add you to their “ignore” list if you carelessly send out private messages without asking for permission.

8. Respect other chatters.
If you want to be respected, then show respect. If you disagree with someone, you can give your honest opinion in a respectful manner. People don’t like to hear bigotry or hatred in a chatroom.

9. If you are a channel operator, don’t abuse your powers.
Only kick or ban users when necessary. Don’t kick anyone “just for fun” nor ban others because of personal reasons. Follow the operator’s guidelines. You are there to keep order and enforce the rules.

10. Most of all, have fun!
Do I need to explain this? 🙂

Article: Chat Room Etiquette
Author: Acronix
Date: September 27, 2015