The AOP Recruitment Process

The new recruitment system of #Makati is established in order to instill discipline to our aspirants. All who desires to be a part of our team must pass our standards and should show proper behavior and attitude. It is expected of you to always read the topic set so that you will be updated on current issues and announcements. You say that you have not been informed. It is your duty to keep yourself abreast with our status.

Here are the rules regarding our Channel’s application process:

1. Send us your application email. See template below.
2. You will be notified through email and/or MemoServ if your application has been approved or rejected.
3. Once you are an approved applicant, all you need to do is wait.
4. Wait for what? Wait for an SOP to finally recommend you.
5. While you wait, you have to show us that you are worthy to be an operator.
That’s the only way you can convince an SOP to finally recommend you.
6. Once you are recommended by an SOP, you will be informed and we will schedule you for an interview with our recruitment team.
Note that the SOP who recommended you will be accountable for your actions once you are given access.
7. You must be present on the interview date. You are only allowed to ask for a reschedule once.
Otherwise, you will have to wait for another month before we can interview you again.
8. After the interview, all the operators shall cast their votes within 10 days.
Whether you’ll be accepted or not will solely depend on the decision of the majority.
9. You will then be notified about the result when the 10-day duration is over. We wish you the best. 🙂
10. Rejected applicants and those who failed the recommendation process can re-apply only
after (1) month from the date of notification. (You can only re-apply ONCE)
11. We reserve the right to reject any application which is suspicious in form or from a user with untoward behavior/attitude.
We’re expecting sincere channel helpers, not mere access collectors.
12. We also reserve the right to bypass an applicant’s application procedure if we think they deserve it.

To all who are STILL interested to apply,
here is the Application Email template:

SEND TO: [email protected]


REFERENCE (Optional):
REASON for applying (at least 50 words):

Your email should contain the proper required data. Note that we limit our AOP’s to 20 individual users only. If the list is full, you will just have to wait for a slot to open (i.e. when an AOP is deleted or promoted). This is a first come, first serve basis.

*Your personal information will remain confidential. Please be accurate with your info, we do not accept fraudulent applications.

Here are some tips to increase your chances in getting a recommendation from our SOP’s:

1. Your Nickname must be presentable (Not too long; does not contain too much non-alphanumeric characters)
2. Must know how to respect. That’s the only way you can gain respect from us.
3. Must be willing to help the operators without expecting anything in return.
4. Entertain chatters and help those who are in need. (ex. helping newbies with basic commands)
5. Most important is you should know how to FOLLOW simple instructions. If you fail this, your application
will automatically be ignored or rejected with no prior notice.

Thank you for your cooperation! Good luck and Have a Blessed day!