#Makati DALnet

You have fallen into the time portal and will now enjoy understanding why #Makati has become
a favourite and regarded as the coolest among the thousands of channels sprouting DALnet.
Discover the exciting characters to be found namely our eclectic assortment of operators and chatters...
Be gob smacked with their wits... Overactive imaginations and humorous insight in spades..

This is a homepage of both brilliant surface and fascinating depth...
All exceptionally well-drawn... Please don't copy our web contents/layouts.. *winks*

Server: irc.dal.net (ipv4) or ipv6.dal.net (ipv6)
Port: 6660 to 6669,7000 (normal) or +6697 / +9000 (SSL)
Channel: #Makati type /join #Makati

About Us

Let’s face it, IRC or Internet Relay Chat is the new rock and roll in the world of chat system. Never have there been so many servers in the IRC network and never have been so many scripts created. Genius scripters wow us all with their cognitive factor and superb skills. But it is not just about scripts, tools and gadgets associated with chatting…

In the wide variety of channels hovering the IRC, we see chatters, with characters much the same as ours, joining and mingling… and if being a part of the channel is as much about expressing personality as it is about our outlook towards life, then nowhere is this more evident than in here. It isn’t so much about blissful blur, it is concerned with creating an environment that provides a home, a swanky place to feel secure, get your heart rate up, your “feel-good” hormones start flowing. Not only chatting becomes the focus of one’s life, it is now where we enjoy letting the imagination run free…

#Makati DALnet gives you a unique chance to an overdose of hospitality; renowned effortless up-dose certain to keep you cool when the mercury’s rising. A unique combination of extravagant opulence surrounded by ultimate casual cool, sporty and carefree people with stacks of style, crawling with uber-sleek crowd. Whether its relaxation, exploration or chilling you’re after, this unspoiled gem of a channel has it all…

Get a slice of the real action… You’ll never know if you are missing out… Enjoy the snoop!

~ LoNDoNBaBe ~

Our Channel Operators

MGR: Atlantis [RealName:CodersRepublic]
MGR: Randy / Guardian_X [RealName:Randy]
SOP: rainelopez / Demonya [RealName:Raine]
SOP: Sp1Ke / intel [RealName:Larry]
SOP: LoNDoNBabe [RealName:Ohnie]
SOP: acronix / sneakers [RealName:John]
AOP: chizky / chikay [RealName:Chic]
AOP: Guinevere [RealName:Guin]
AOP: Ritche [RealName:Ritche]
AOP: dyc [RealName:Dice]
AOP: xtinelovely [RealName:Christine]
AOP: SweetIsh [RealName:Isha]
AOP: chalcedony [RealName:Linda]
AOP: barenecessities [RealName:Ian]
AOP: kelotz [RealName:Raul]
AOP: heimdall [RealName:Ragnar]
AOP: dros [RealName:Isil]
AOP: pattie [RealName:Iris]
AOP: Estella [RealName:Estella]
AOP: Jhong [RealName:Christopher]
AOP: LiLMissRed [RealName:Audrey]
AOP: ysabelle [RealName:Maria]
AOP: switfemme [RealName:Laline]
AOP: Diwata [RealName:Rasha]
AOP: QueenElsa [RealName:Krystilin]
AOP: javagirl [RealName:Marvz]
AOP: kisses07 [RealName:Maricon]
BOT: Makati [Channel Bot]
BOT: Coldfire [Channel Bot]
BOT: Pinoy [Channel Bot]

Channel Rules & Regulations

These rules are made to maintain order in the chat room. Everyone is expected to obey these rules and no one is to be above them. Anyone who fails to follow (or deliberately disobeys) is subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Please respect the Operators when they enforce channel rules to maintain peace and order in the chat room. All operators reserve the right to Ban/Akick anyone without notification and/or reason. To participate in this chat room is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. Please respect that at all times.

The rules are as follows:

1. Follow staff requests or warnings.
2. No Flooding. You are not to exceed 5 lines in 4 seconds.
3. No Repeating of text. A maximum of 3 repeat is allowed.
4. No Swearing. Any FOUL or OFFENSIVE language/behavior will not be tolerated.
5. No Channel/Website/Server Invites or Advertisement.
6. Any sexual attitude or behavior are NOT allowed in this channel.
7. Do not use Excessive Uppercase Letters (CAPs) since it is considered “shouting/yelling”.
8. We do NOT tolerate any Offensive Nickname or User ID’s.
9. Excessive clones are NOT allowed.
10. Auto Greets are NOT allowed. Except by our official channel bots.
11. No Op/Voice Begging. Begging for SOP/AOP/Voice is very annoying.
12. Be civil, polite and follow common net etiquette.
13. Do not abuse or harass other users in any way.
14. You must have fun!

If you want to be an Operator, please read our recruitment process.

To All OPerators:

You are expected to perform and attend to your responsibilities as well as adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Every Kick/Ban should only be implemented if a user violated a rule (for chatters) stated above.
2. All BANs are not to last longer than 24 hours. Be sure to monitor your BANs.
3. We do NOT tolerate UNREASONABLE Kicks/Bans such as if it’s due to personal reasons.
4. Using BNC/PSYBNC/ZNC is allowed BUT must be APPROVED first by our technical personnel.
5. Every OPerator MUST use his/her registered nick when on an (@) OP status.
6. We do NOT tolerate any FOUL or OFFENSIVE language. Be a good example to our chatters.
7. You are NOT allowed to FLOOD the channel with too much repeats. Do not abuse your power.
8. Strictly NO ACCESS SHARING. DO NOT give your password to ANYONE.
9. No granting of access without the founder’s approval. Observe proper application process.
10. Voice (+v) is a privilege and prerogative granted by a discerning Operator. Users that has voice (+v)
in the channel are exempted from a kick/ban when posting URL/links but please do not abuse them.
11. All Operators added after the 11th of July 2006 are only allowed to use RAVE script on #makati DALnet.
All other scripts are now forbidden unless approved by the founder. Operators before the 11th of July must have
their scripts approved by the technical personnel or by the founder.
Download RAVE here.

Operators caught in violation for the first time will receive a WARNING. If he/she continues to commit the same violation, he/she will be subjected to appropriate DISCIPLINARY ACTION which includes being DEMOTED or REMOVED from the access list.

If for some reason you're unable to connect through IRC,
or you have any questions about our webpage
you may send us an email for assistance:

Email: [email protected]
Attention: Randy / Acronix
Subject: #Makati Support

Thank you for visiting #Makati DALnet's Homepage!
Webmasters: Randy & Acronix from DALnet.